"It doesn't matter where you are going, its who you have beside you"

A Few things about me....

Married for five years to my best friend. 
I have 3 little monsters that run the show! Ella, Luna, and Waylon... (dogs) but they are like my children .
I love coyote coffee any day over Starbucks 
Chick-fil-a is always on the menu at least once a week some times two! 
I also work full time for a non profit but my photography business is just as serious for me as helping the community!
I am all about the fall season give me a pumpkin spice Latte, a scarf, and some duck boots  and I am a happy camper!
I'm very laid back and take the day as it comes 
I love the ocean but  the mountains is my favoriate place to go!